Friday, October 26, 2007

Busy, Busy, Busy

To help explain why I've been so busy, I must tell you about our latest Fundraising activity for the Southeastern Greyhound Adoption program. Remember I'm the fundraising chair. In any event, I was approached by our Club president one day about the possibility of us doing a calendar like the one depicted in the movie Calendar Girls. This was 15 months ago - around July of 2006. At first I immediately said no, there was no way I could pull that off (no pun intended). Well, I thought about it and did some research. The results of the initial Calendar Girl project back in 1999 plus the success of the Still Magnolias calendar the ladies of Aiken, South Carolina put together both inspired me so much that I said yes, I would do it.

It was no easy project believe me but eventually I found 11 other women who agreed to be in the calendar. That number swayed back and forth over the next several months, even up to two days before the final photo shoot. But in the end, there were 12 lovely women posing in the nude with their Greyhound(s).

The photographer is a friend of mine from a workplace years ago. We found a make-up person and stylist amongst our own volunteer force. As well, our graphic designer is also a volunteer who regularly designs for our Cafepress store,

After months of hard work and coordination, our first photo shoot was this past June with the second and final shoot in July. The final photos were spectacular, if I say so myself, and the calendar presentation cannot be beat! You must check it out at Oh, the website was also designed by another volunteer within the organization - Teresa Wheeler. What a fantastic job she did!

Check out the calendar and order yours today. As well, spread the news to your Greyhound friends.
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