Wednesday, April 23, 2008

What is wrong with this picture?

Yes, you guessed it . . . there is a dog missing. Much to my surprise, when I accessed my "doggy cam" yesterday morning, this is what I saw. Scared the mess out of me!

Thank goodness though, later that morning I did see Remi stroll by, gaze out the window, reach down to say "na na boggey" to Sugar, and then lay down on the dog bed there to the left. After seeing her, I was assured that she was indeed in the house and that I hadn't mistakenly left her outside for the day! Oh my, imagine if that had been the case! Anyway, apparently I had not properly closed the door on her crate or else I have a houdini in the house! :) When I arrived home, all was well!

I have checked the doggy cam today and this is what I like to see . . .

Three Greyhounds, sleeping away! Sleep soundly my girls!! Pin It

Friday, April 11, 2008

Peter Rabbit Again?

Well, I was sitting here in my home office working away on the computer when something caught my eye outside the window. I saw the back end of it go by which peaked my interest. At first I thought it must be a cat as I've seen a few wandering through my yard at times but when I got up to get a closer view, I realized it was no kitty but indeed it was Peter Rabbit. He just sat there looking at me as I looked at him, frozen in time. When I gathered my wits about me, I quickly went to get the camera, take all the caps off, put the damn lens on, put the battery in, turn it on (not quite the same as picking up a point and shoot) and luckily the bunny was still there. He had moved a few steps closer to the house on the sidewalk. I took this picture from inside the window. I stupidly but very quietly opened the front door, me already in my nightgown with camera in hand, hoping to be able to get a close up shot without any glass between us (by this time the girls had seen him through the window). Of course, that was not to be. He immediately took flight and ran faster than I could have imagined. My coursing instinct so badly wanted to let the girls loose on him just to see what might transpire but I knew better than to try that. It would have been fun though had it been inside a fenced area! Maybe another time! Pin It

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Tinkering Around

I decided to get the camera out and play around a bit with what is left of blooms around my yard after Saturday's rains beat them all to death. I hope to get much better but I'm quite pleased with these shots. Look for news soon of my new Zenfolio site. Hopefully I'll have some interesting prints to put there in the next few months.

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Cleveland ACoD Trip, March 28-30, 2008

Here is a video diary of my trip to ASFA's ACoD this year held March 28-30 in Cleveland, Ohio. Actually it was in Hudson, but that's close enough!

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