Sunday, November 25, 2007

She Did It Again!

Yep, Lucy came in First Place again yesterday out of a field of 6 Open greyhounds. Needless to say, I am still dumbstruck - a deer in headlights. I am so proud of Lucy and so pleased she is running so well. You just never know and always hope for the best, you know? And as I always say, I'm usually so happy everyone gets in safe and sound that I barely even notice "how' they are running. I hope to get a little movie of her next course which may be next Saturday. We're still contemplating that one since our holiday Greyhound Gala is that night and I must be at the venue by 6 p.m. I don't know if I could make it! We'll see.

To date, I believe Lucy has 44 points toward her Field Championship title. She needs 100 points plus two first placements to attain that title. We're surely on our way! Pin It

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Happy Turkey Day!

It's Thanksgiving Eve and I think I have all the groceries I'll need to cook my Thanksgiving feast for tomorrow. There will be a turkey breast w/spiced rub, cornbread dressing, green bean casserole, baked butternut squash, and pumpkin pie. I'll have leftovers for days but that's okay. I really enjoy cooking a Thanksgiving dinner even if it's just for me! My Mama taught me well! The dogs are all getting marrow bones for their Thanksgiving. They'll be happy as clams. I'll be heading to Kim and Guy's place for lunch and then back to my place for dinner.

Saturday we lure course again. I hope Lucy does just as well as she's done in the past. She really enjoys it. Heck, I don't know any greyhound who doesn't like to run!

Wish us luck! And have a safe and wonderful holiday. Pin It

Friday, November 16, 2007

The Weekend - Finally!

I tell you - having a Monday holiday seems to make the week just drag and drag on. I think it's the 10 hour work days I have to do to make up for having the holiday off. Aw, the perils of being a contractor. And next week it'll be a three day week of 10 hour days followed by a five day week of 10 hour days. All to make up for the Thanksgiving holiday. Did you get that? I think I confused myself! I'll make it through it though. It's always tough this time of year with all the holidays but it's doable!

No real exciting plans this weekend except that I'm planning to go to Carrollton to see a dog show. It's suppose to have rare breeds but I think all breeds are welcome. It should be fun!

And tonight I'm meeting a few of my old comrades from my Slocum days. That should be fun as well. It's been a while and we're way overdue as we all used to meet up quite frequently.

Other than that, I plan to take it easy and get ready for the upcoming holiday. I truly enjoy cooking the Thanksgiving dinner. It only happens once a year so why not enjoy it? Pin It

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Two Days Post Coursing 1,680 Yards

Lucy is in fine spirits and is feeling well. The peeled pad is healing just fine and she seems much less "ouchy" this morning than yesterday. Every day it heals more and more. The udder cream is doing the trick, I think. Who would have thunk it? Anyway, tonight we hit the road again for some more conditioning. There's no such thing as too much road work, for her or for me, so we definitely intend to keep it up. It makes a huge difference.

Other than Lucy and her exploits - all else is well. I have some cooking to do tonight as our annual Thanksgiving feast at work is tomorrow. There will be about 130 folks with lots of food and fun. I'm making broccoli and rice casserole and pumpkin bars. Yummy! Lucy and I will definitely need to walk tomorrow night to help walk off some of the calories I'll indulge in at lunch! Actually, it will probably take days of walking as there will be scads of dishes I'll think I'll need to try! But hey, it's once a year that we get to enjoy this! Right? Pin It

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Lucy's Big Win

This past Sunday was Lucy's big debut in lure coursing at the CHASE Veteran's Day trials. Well, she had coursed before but only ran in Singles which means she obviously ran by herself and received a ribbon (two first placements) but no points were earned. Yesterday she ran in the Open category which means she runs with other dogs - two other ones in the morning and two in the afternoon. Points are tabulated and totaled with two judges judging. After the morning run of a course that was 840 yards in length and went every which way with three crossovers, she was actually in third place with two (more experienced) dogs tied for 1st. The afternoon final run was great and she scored really high, putting her in first place with a total of 304 points for the day. The 2nd place dog had 301 points. It's always close like that but she did really well and I am so proud of her. She could have run for Best of Breed against the Field Champion winner but they forfeited so she got the ribbon and more points that will count toward the Top 20 standings. Maybe at year-end she'll hit that list, who knows? She's doing great with only one corner of a pad that "burned off". The ground is extremely hard right now with the drought so that being the only injury is definitely a good thing!

On Monday to commemorate Lucy's big win, all three dogs received baths complete with an Epsom salt foot soak, manicures and pedicures, and ear cleanings and a fresh spritz of flea and tick spray. Then they were treated with fresh marrow bones which they devoured! What a weekend!! I couldn't be more proud of my girl Lucy!!

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