Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Two Days Post Coursing 1,680 Yards

Lucy is in fine spirits and is feeling well. The peeled pad is healing just fine and she seems much less "ouchy" this morning than yesterday. Every day it heals more and more. The udder cream is doing the trick, I think. Who would have thunk it? Anyway, tonight we hit the road again for some more conditioning. There's no such thing as too much road work, for her or for me, so we definitely intend to keep it up. It makes a huge difference.

Other than Lucy and her exploits - all else is well. I have some cooking to do tonight as our annual Thanksgiving feast at work is tomorrow. There will be about 130 folks with lots of food and fun. I'm making broccoli and rice casserole and pumpkin bars. Yummy! Lucy and I will definitely need to walk tomorrow night to help walk off some of the calories I'll indulge in at lunch! Actually, it will probably take days of walking as there will be scads of dishes I'll think I'll need to try! But hey, it's once a year that we get to enjoy this! Right? Pin It

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