Thursday, June 26, 2008

Just When You Think You've Heard It All . . .

My friend at work who is also doing the transit thing that I'm doing (even on the same route but different time and bus than me) told me yesterday that his bus was pulled over by a Powder Springs cop who promptly issued a ticket to the driver for speeding! Have you ever heard of such? I just don't think I've ever seen a bus being pulled over - ever! Obviously we laughed hysterically and I can only imagine the passengers on that bus were probably having a hard time holding back the laughter as well. What next, I say?

Unfortunately this is a new driver to that route and on Monday he obviously couldn't remember the route, so he proceeded to drive the bus (full of people, of course) around downtown Atlanta and around and around. And obviously making everyone late to their destinations. My friend was 30 minutes late that day!

That bus driver has definitely had a bad week, poor guy!
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Monday, June 23, 2008

Neuton Goes Swimming!

One of the first fashion accessories that my friend Barbie purchased for her new half-breed dog, Neuton, was a life preserver. They do have a cement pond in the back yard so this was mostly for his protection until he learns to swim, more so, than for the fashion aspect of it. Although I am certain he is the only half-breed in the neighborhood who is sporting such a nice accessory.

Above is Neuton enjoying the afternoon sunning on his raft in the cement pond.

Below he is seen sunning on the pool deck. He is definitely striving for that sun tan that will no doubt drive his girlfriends crazy. Isn't he a cutie?

I've been told that once he accomplishes swimming, his next summer activity is to learn to catch the frisbee. Perhaps summer camp is next, who knows?

Speaking of the half breed issue, his human Daddy ordered a doggie DNA test so his heritage can be determined. We are taking bets on what folks think he is. I am uncertain but think he could be a Beagle Whippet mix or a Jack Russell Whippet mix. We'll see! I'll be sure to post the DNA results here when they get them back in a few weeks.
In the meantime, Neuton doesn't really care what breed he is as he knows he is now living the high life! Ah, to be Neuton in the Wentz household!
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Monday, June 16, 2008

Rub a Dub Dub, Three Men (Actually 62 Greyhounds) in a Tub!

Yes, I said 62 Grey-hounds, actually 62 beautiful Grey-hounds. My BFF Kim came up with the idea to get a few volunteers together and carpool over to Birmingham Race Course to wash all the Greyhounds in the Southern New England kennel, belonging to Alan Olsen.

Kim scouted and emailed several folks who had adopted Greyhounds that had come to SEGA from this kennel. Most were very willing to commit to the project. In the end, we had 10 volunteers who made the trek over to Birmingham this past Saturday afternoon.

We all met at the Park and Ride off I-20 in Villa Rica. Once the intro-ductions were done, we determined who would ride with whom. After all was said and done, there were three vehicles making the trip over. We arrived in record time (about an hour later) only to find that Alan nor his wife, Linda, were at the kennel. Yikes! We stood there chatting and waiting and soon enough Alan and Linda pulled up in the hauler filled with dogs who had just run in the matinee. After they had pulled all the dogs off the hauler, cleansed their eyes, squirted their feet with Betadine, handed them their "treat" and put them back in their crates in the kennel, we then started organizing the dog wash, preparing the flea shampoo, getting hoses in the right spots, etc.

Then the work commenced! Alan would let 10 or so dogs at a time into the "wash area". Once they were washed, they came to the "rinse area" where they had to sit 10 minutes or more with the flea shampoo on them. After that time, they were rinsed with cool, fresh water. Then it was on to the "drying area" where they were allowed to air dry in the afternoon sun.

The dogs kept coming and coming and everyone continued with the flow of things - washing, waiting, rinsing, drying, moving dogs from one turnout pen to another to get to the right "wash station".

Several times during the afternoon we asked Alan if he had been grabbing dogs from the kennel across the street because it seemed we must have washed 80 or so dogs by then. Each time, he'd tell us "only 15 more".

We took advantage of the cold sodas and cold water Alan had on hand for us to drink as it was pretty hot that afternoon and we were doing this in the afternoon sun, as you can see.

We finally neared the end (for sure this time), and then it was more of a waiting game waiting for them all to dry. They dried pretty quickly and everyone was returned to their respective crates.

Whoo hoo! We were ten very tired and dirty, flea soap smelling folks. A few of us had decided prior to this that we would stay at the track that evening and grab some dinner and watch a few of the night races so we came prepared with a change of clothes. Alan secured us a complimentary sky box which was really nice. We each changed clothes in the kennel bathroom and everyone scrubbed down with Baby Wipes! Nothing like a Baby Wipe bath after an afternoon of washing 62 Greyhounds! Oh, the picture below is that of one of the volunteers, Scott, who obviously bent over one too many times! Hilarious and thank goodness he had underwear on!

What fun we had though! I think Kim mentioned wanting to do this again in the fall while it's still warm outside. I believe all the volunteers expressed an interest in doing it again and all were very happy they had volunteered. What a great feeling knowing we helped 62 Greyhounds in a 3-4 hour period.

I spoke with Alan on Sunday and he said to me, "Those dogs look like show dogs". Now, that's a nice feeling, for sure. They probably feel like it too! Pin It

Neuton - The Half Breed

I mean that in a very loving way. Here's the story on Neuton, and no, he isn't my dog! I've reached my limit! He belongs to my cubemate, Barbie, at work.

Another work associate sent a mass email saying her son had to give up his Whippet because he lost his home and he couldn't take care of him any longer. Barbie wasn't working that day so I forwarded the email to her home email address since this was a Friday and I wanted her to see it before Monday. Unknowingly, our other cubemate buddy here at work did the same thing. Definitely, the peer pressure was on!

On Monday, Barbie came to work and commenced to trying to contact the co-worker who sent the original email. After numerous phone calls and emails, the co-worker did get back to Barbie and an appointment day and time was set for her to visit with "Sammie" (his name at the time). Since Sammie lived in Douglasville, I offered to go with Barbie to see him. The appointment was set for that Thursday after work. On that day after work, the "Whippet Express" headed West. We arrived at our destination in record time and visited with Sammie who had been outside with a few bigger dogs. He definitely is not a full-blooded Whippet but does have some in him. I think he's a Whippet/Beagle mix. Or possibly Whippet/Jack Russell Terrier. What do you think?

Barbie fell in love with little Sammie, nka Neuton. So off we went to my house to let my girls out and introduce Neuton to "the big girls". He was very afraid of them but stood his ground. After that, we headed to Petsmart so Barbie could stock up on necessities.

As you can tell from the pictures, Neuton has settled in quite nicely into his new home in John's Creek. He is currently learning to swim in his "cement pond" and honing his squirrel hunting skills. What a great ending, huh?
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Monday, June 09, 2008

Look Ma, No Hands!!

Or paws, I should say.

I think I've harped on the benefits of marrow bones for the dogs, but I just have to say I'm exceptionally thrilled after Friday's vet visit. You see, I took Sugar in for her yearly dental. The vet called at about 11:30 a.m. (which scared the heck out of me), but he had good news instead! He had just finished his initial dental exam on Sugar and determined that she didn't really need a dental afterall (now, how many vets would do that?). Wow, saved me about $150, plus Sugar didn't need to go under anesthesia. That's great news indeed. So, we continue with the marrow bones (weekly if I can find them) or a Greenie or two during the week. It definitely pays off!

Check out the technique used in the video - now that's pure skill and definitely the work of professionals!

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