Monday, June 16, 2008

Neuton - The Half Breed

I mean that in a very loving way. Here's the story on Neuton, and no, he isn't my dog! I've reached my limit! He belongs to my cubemate, Barbie, at work.

Another work associate sent a mass email saying her son had to give up his Whippet because he lost his home and he couldn't take care of him any longer. Barbie wasn't working that day so I forwarded the email to her home email address since this was a Friday and I wanted her to see it before Monday. Unknowingly, our other cubemate buddy here at work did the same thing. Definitely, the peer pressure was on!

On Monday, Barbie came to work and commenced to trying to contact the co-worker who sent the original email. After numerous phone calls and emails, the co-worker did get back to Barbie and an appointment day and time was set for her to visit with "Sammie" (his name at the time). Since Sammie lived in Douglasville, I offered to go with Barbie to see him. The appointment was set for that Thursday after work. On that day after work, the "Whippet Express" headed West. We arrived at our destination in record time and visited with Sammie who had been outside with a few bigger dogs. He definitely is not a full-blooded Whippet but does have some in him. I think he's a Whippet/Beagle mix. Or possibly Whippet/Jack Russell Terrier. What do you think?

Barbie fell in love with little Sammie, nka Neuton. So off we went to my house to let my girls out and introduce Neuton to "the big girls". He was very afraid of them but stood his ground. After that, we headed to Petsmart so Barbie could stock up on necessities.

As you can tell from the pictures, Neuton has settled in quite nicely into his new home in John's Creek. He is currently learning to swim in his "cement pond" and honing his squirrel hunting skills. What a great ending, huh?
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greytblackdog said...

I love Neuton. What a great name! I'm betting on jack russ mix. SO ADORABLE!

Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

CUTE! One of these days, I'm going to get just a dog :-).