Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Phobias and Snow?

Yesterday morning we experienced severe thunderstorms across the metro Atlanta area. I think it was worse than the other day when there were so many tornados spotted in the area. I did hear that Carrollton did indeed get hit by at least two tornados, one an EF2 and one an EF3. The storms flattened trees, knocked out power to at least 93,000 homes and left injuries across metro Atlanta.

One man was injured in Carroll County when a tree fell on his vehicle, impaling him. He was taken to Tanner Medical Center. There's no word on his condition. The wind that ripped through Carroll County picked up Linda Bryant, 64, and blew her into some nearby woods as she walked from her house to her car. She is listed in serious condition at Tanner Medical Center. Two Lassiter High School students were injured in Cobb County when a tree fell on their car. The tree was a direct hit and neighbors and firefighters feared the worst. But the two went to the hospital with only cuts and bruises. Three people were trapped in their beds by falling trees and all sustained injuries requiring hospitalization.

Before the fast moving storm was near us, dear Lucy began her panting and shaking and barking. You see, she is phobic of storms. The hard driving rain, the thunder, and the lightening all scare the mess out of her. I had given her a few droppers of some holistic stuff called Relieve de Stress. It's mostly flower essences and does seem to help. I also wiped her down with a dryer sheet. They say this eliminates static electricity thus relieving the dog of some of the symptoms of the phobia. It also seems to help.

However, I think we might try some Melatonin next time. This is basically a sleep aid for humans. Given at a 3 mg. dosage for dogs, Lucy's doctor advised it may help but certainly wouldn't hurt. So, we will try that. I worry about her and wish I knew what she was thinking and wish I could help. I've never had a phobic dog, however, Savannah (the Ragdoll cat) is also phobic. She just cowers under the bed until it's all said and done.

I can sympathize with Lucy and Savannah as I, myself, am quite frightened of really bad storms. During my childhood in Florida, we experienced many bad storms but we always left town when a hurricane was approaching therefore I never really experienced that sort of weather until I was way into my 20's. However, the tornados we endure in Atlanta cannot ever be compared to hurricanes because they are unpredictable and can crop up out of nowhere. Therein lies the fear. And there is no basement in my home. Many times I have gathered the animals and have hunkered down in the guest bathroom which is the most central room in the entire house. That, in and of itself, is scary - 3 dogs, 1 cat and me all in the guest bathroom! :)

And if the recent stormy weather wasn't weird enough, this morning most of Atlanta received a dusting of snow. Yes, snow again. That is three (or is it four?) times this winter! What is up with that? At my house we didn't see any of the white stuff, however Accuweather did forecast flurries in my area during the morning hours. WOW is all I can say! Pin It

Monday, February 25, 2008

The Oscars and Tradition

Well, last night the 80th Academy Awards show was broadcast on ABC, straight from rainy southern California! Whew what a night. Ever since I was a little girl I've enjoyed watching the Oscars. The biggest thrill is seeing who wore what and then trying to speculate who will be on the best dressed list and who will be on the worst dressed list. Last night was almost a no brainer. Katherine Heigl definitely hit it right on the head with the beautiful silk georgette Escada column gown she wore. She looked smashing and definitely bought back fond memories of past starlets like Elizabeth Taylor or Natalie Wood who had such style and grace when walking the red carpet.

Of the worst dressed, oh my, there were many. Top of the list was the wife of Daniel Day Lewis. And he with his brown shoes with a black tux with brown trim. And then there was Jennifer Hudson. That dress absolutely did nothing for her figure. I'm certain another choice would have been much better. And then there is Tilda Swinton in her black one-shoulder "croaker sack", as my Dad would have called it. Absolutely horrid! In the famous words of Jay Leno, "What the heck were you thinking?" Don't these people have stylists?

I know I'm no fashionista but I feel certain I would not have made some of those choices. C'est la vie, I suppose. It was still a very classy and wonderful evening. And doesn't George Clooney get more handsome and more debonair every time you see him? I am not even going to comment on what his date (Sarah Jane Larson) was wearing. OK, yes I am. It looked like someone's drapes made over into a strapless dress. I think even Scarlett's forest green velvet drape-made dress in Gone with the Wind was more becoming than the one Sarah was wearing. But, oh, I digress.

The highlight for me was the traditional lobster dinner that I always make in honor of the Oscars. I also enjoyed a stuffed baked potato, corn on the cob, and plenty of Mojitos! For dessert, some of that wonderful chocolate ice cream I made on Saturday. Oh, and because I couldn't finish my entire lobster tail, what do you think I did with the remaining uneaten half? No, I didn't save it for later but instead decided to share it with "the girls"! Yes, and they loved it! I've also discovered they are quite fond of shrimp. Thank God they aren't allergic to shellfish! Pin It

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Last Night

Well, last night my good friend Kim and her husband, Guy, came to dinner along with their three greyhounds, Rosie, Lindsey, and Bella. They really love coming over and the girls enjoy seeing each other as they are also the best of friends. The original idea was to grill Bubba burgers and sit outside so all the girls could enjoy being outside with their very filled Kongs. Well, the temperature never rose to the predicted 65 degrees (in fact it was darn cold) so we had to hang inside which was just as much fun. We did grill burgers and along with that had baked fries and boiled corn on the cob. Here's a little video I took right after dinner. Remi had left the room for some peace and quite, I guess, so there are only five dogs in the video. Oh, notice who is sitting on the sofa and love seat. Well, there is one human there but the dogs have the run of the place as you can see. Sugar, there on the left on the sofa looks as if she's had way too much to drink and can't get up! Don't worry, this is normal behavior for her!

And after dinner while we were enjoying the movie Forrest Gump, we took a break to make our ice cream sundaes I had planned for dessert. I had made homemade chocolate ice cream with homemade whipped cream! Yummy, it was delicious. You can see the girls had nothing else on their minds! There were 6 dogs in the kitchen but by the time I picked up the Flip, 3 had left the room! I guess they knew they were not going to get any dessert while the 3 who remained apparently believed we would indeed, give in, which we did not!! What a night. We all had a wonderful time!

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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Lure Coursing

This certainly isn't Lucy's best run, but this will show you what it's all about. Hopefully I'll get a better video at the next trial.

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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Lure Coursing

We coursed this past Saturday at the Chase trial at Old Mill Farm in Cartersville. All three girls attended, however, only Lucy coursed. She ended up taking a 2nd place out of 3! We were hoping for a first placement but that's okay. I've learned throughout the years that it's better to have a safe and healthy hound at the end of the day than a ribbon or points although the latter is always welcome! From the three trials Lucy has run in where she could earn points toward her Field Champion title, she has earned 57 points thus far. That isn't too shabby for three trials! The points are based on placement plus the number of hounds she beat in her category. Right now she is still running in Open, until she acquires 100 points and then we move to Field Champion. She is looking forward to that where she can "run with the big dogs"!

I have a video that a friend shot of her first course on Saturday. As soon as I get it, I'll load it here for your viewing pleasure.

Our next trial is the Chase trial March 15-16 at Gang Park in Calhoun and then the weekend after that is the SEGC trial March 22-23 at Bear Creek Farm in Moreland.

We have alot of conditioning to do between now and then but we are definitely up for the challenge! Pin It

Friday, February 15, 2008

Happy Birthday Sugar!

In my near death illness this week (not really but I have been terribly sick), I failed to even remember my Sugar's birthday which was Tuesday, the 12th. She turned 7 years old! What a joy she has been every day since coming into my home back in 2004.

Sugar was picked up by the Henry County Humane Society back in the spring of that year. She had been seen wandering around I-75 but I think was picked up while rummaging in someone's garbage, if I have the story correct. Research was done and no one claimed her nor did her owner on record know anything about her - it's a mystery. She had not been spayed. I picked her up from HCHS to foster her. What a sweetie even then. The Human Society began calling her Shuggie which I shortened to Sugar. Her registered name is PB's Honey Fritz. Anyway, she was adopted out to a family South of Atlanta who had some acreage, loads of children, and Emu's as well (and other farm type animals). After a few months it became apparent to the new adopters that she was NOT Emu tolerant nor did she care for the children so they returned her. Filthy, I might add and with a flea collar on! Of course, I was appalled and immediately cut that flea collar off and when I got home with her gave her a good scrubbing!

Come to find out, she does like children she just doesn't like to be chased (who does?) and I can't vouch for the Emu tolerance but I do know she has nabbed a few squirrels in the backyard so I am guessing that part is accurate.

Well, in 2005 I began lure coursing Sugar. She had an excellent lure coursing year winning Best in Breed for Greyhounds at the International Invitational that year as well as the Texas Trophy, presented to the most accomplished SEGC Greyhound in his/her rookie year of lure coursing.

Needless to say, I am very proud of her. Happy belated birthday sweetie, and many, many more! (I promise something special tonight in your food dish!)

PS - I have since found out it was more like an Emu massacre! Oh my!
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