Friday, February 15, 2008

Happy Birthday Sugar!

In my near death illness this week (not really but I have been terribly sick), I failed to even remember my Sugar's birthday which was Tuesday, the 12th. She turned 7 years old! What a joy she has been every day since coming into my home back in 2004.

Sugar was picked up by the Henry County Humane Society back in the spring of that year. She had been seen wandering around I-75 but I think was picked up while rummaging in someone's garbage, if I have the story correct. Research was done and no one claimed her nor did her owner on record know anything about her - it's a mystery. She had not been spayed. I picked her up from HCHS to foster her. What a sweetie even then. The Human Society began calling her Shuggie which I shortened to Sugar. Her registered name is PB's Honey Fritz. Anyway, she was adopted out to a family South of Atlanta who had some acreage, loads of children, and Emu's as well (and other farm type animals). After a few months it became apparent to the new adopters that she was NOT Emu tolerant nor did she care for the children so they returned her. Filthy, I might add and with a flea collar on! Of course, I was appalled and immediately cut that flea collar off and when I got home with her gave her a good scrubbing!

Come to find out, she does like children she just doesn't like to be chased (who does?) and I can't vouch for the Emu tolerance but I do know she has nabbed a few squirrels in the backyard so I am guessing that part is accurate.

Well, in 2005 I began lure coursing Sugar. She had an excellent lure coursing year winning Best in Breed for Greyhounds at the International Invitational that year as well as the Texas Trophy, presented to the most accomplished SEGC Greyhound in his/her rookie year of lure coursing.

Needless to say, I am very proud of her. Happy belated birthday sweetie, and many, many more! (I promise something special tonight in your food dish!)

PS - I have since found out it was more like an Emu massacre! Oh my!
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greytblackdog said...

Now really, who could blame her? Emus are freaky and serve little purpose. She was trying to do the world a favor. Happy Birthday Sugar Head! And many more.....