Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Phobias and Snow?

Yesterday morning we experienced severe thunderstorms across the metro Atlanta area. I think it was worse than the other day when there were so many tornados spotted in the area. I did hear that Carrollton did indeed get hit by at least two tornados, one an EF2 and one an EF3. The storms flattened trees, knocked out power to at least 93,000 homes and left injuries across metro Atlanta.

One man was injured in Carroll County when a tree fell on his vehicle, impaling him. He was taken to Tanner Medical Center. There's no word on his condition. The wind that ripped through Carroll County picked up Linda Bryant, 64, and blew her into some nearby woods as she walked from her house to her car. She is listed in serious condition at Tanner Medical Center. Two Lassiter High School students were injured in Cobb County when a tree fell on their car. The tree was a direct hit and neighbors and firefighters feared the worst. But the two went to the hospital with only cuts and bruises. Three people were trapped in their beds by falling trees and all sustained injuries requiring hospitalization.

Before the fast moving storm was near us, dear Lucy began her panting and shaking and barking. You see, she is phobic of storms. The hard driving rain, the thunder, and the lightening all scare the mess out of her. I had given her a few droppers of some holistic stuff called Relieve de Stress. It's mostly flower essences and does seem to help. I also wiped her down with a dryer sheet. They say this eliminates static electricity thus relieving the dog of some of the symptoms of the phobia. It also seems to help.

However, I think we might try some Melatonin next time. This is basically a sleep aid for humans. Given at a 3 mg. dosage for dogs, Lucy's doctor advised it may help but certainly wouldn't hurt. So, we will try that. I worry about her and wish I knew what she was thinking and wish I could help. I've never had a phobic dog, however, Savannah (the Ragdoll cat) is also phobic. She just cowers under the bed until it's all said and done.

I can sympathize with Lucy and Savannah as I, myself, am quite frightened of really bad storms. During my childhood in Florida, we experienced many bad storms but we always left town when a hurricane was approaching therefore I never really experienced that sort of weather until I was way into my 20's. However, the tornados we endure in Atlanta cannot ever be compared to hurricanes because they are unpredictable and can crop up out of nowhere. Therein lies the fear. And there is no basement in my home. Many times I have gathered the animals and have hunkered down in the guest bathroom which is the most central room in the entire house. That, in and of itself, is scary - 3 dogs, 1 cat and me all in the guest bathroom! :)

And if the recent stormy weather wasn't weird enough, this morning most of Atlanta received a dusting of snow. Yes, snow again. That is three (or is it four?) times this winter! What is up with that? At my house we didn't see any of the white stuff, however Accuweather did forecast flurries in my area during the morning hours. WOW is all I can say! Pin It

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greytblackdog said...

I bet the girls will have their PJs on tonight! BURRRRRR.

I too HATE thunderstorms and hide in the downstairs laundry room (which is kind of underground in our split level). I have to bribe Seka to stay with me though. She's like her dad and could care less about the storms.