Sunday, March 02, 2008

Lazy Sunday - Well, For Some!

I spent most of Saturday and a great bit of today outside enjoying the wonderful weather. Enjoying as much as I could while also doing yard work. It needed to be done and it was a great relief to get most of it done before the Spring really hits. I have to remulch the flowerbeds, put out some fertilizer, and get the garden prepped for planting. That's the garden behind Lucy (who is being lazy). I hope to plant some beans, new potatoes, broccoli, maybe some lettuce and God knows what else. I really enjoy having a garden. I can grow most anything and usually try something off the wall every year. One year I grew some cotton. Yep, the hardest thing about that was finding the seed! I had to order it off the Internet. Even the local Feed and Seed stores don't have cotton seed! You should have seen the looks I would get when I would ask! It was quite funny!

Anyway, with lure coursing and my volunteer activities it's been difficult to have a garden the past few years but I'm determined to get one going this year. I think I can do it. I have to be diligent in getting out there and getting the soil amended and then getting some seeds and plants in the ground before it's too late.

I even have this wonderful tiller - it's a Mantis. It's called "a woman's tiller" because it's so easy to handle. You just hang on and walk it around and try not to run into the fence with it! It really does an excellent job. My brother had to use it a few years back when he and my Dad built my patio for me out of a gazillon 2' x 2' pavers. He thought it was most awesome. I do, too!

While I was working my butt off (I guess hard work never hurt anyone), the dogs took the opportunity to rest and then rest some more. Sugar, shown here on the left, isn't passed out but is really sunbathing. She loves doing this. In fact, her bums are a bit sunburned now. It happens all the time because her bums aren't the furriest so it's basically bare skin there. I should have put sunscreen on her and have done this numerous times before.

Remi also enjoyed a bit of sunbathing. She doesn't get sunburned but I think she is getting "age spots" on her belly. That's what they look like to me - just dark spots. I should probably put sunscreen on her as well. At one point I looked around and Remi was roaching next to Sugar with all four legs straight in the air, using Sugar to prop her up because they were on an incline. It was too cute! Those two love each other so much. They'll lay together and can actually "touch" legs or paws and not freak about it. On the other hand, Sugar and Lucy are like that as well. Remi just deals with Lucy, I think. She likes her okay but she isn't that fond of her, not like she is of Sugar. Guess that's what time will do as Sugar and Remi have been together 4-5 years and Lucy has only been here 1 year. It'll all work itself out in the wash, I suppose.

I must say how jealous I was watching the dogs just lounge around being lazy in the sun like lizards out on rocks on a warm afternoon. I remember the days when I could also lounge around on the beach growing up, with not a care in the world. Oh how I cherish those days! I know Remi, Sugar, and Lucy are cherishing their lazy afternoons as well.

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greytblackdog said...

I really hope if I come back in another life I get to be your dog :). I wonder what they are thinking while you're out there working hard?