Monday, June 16, 2008

Rub a Dub Dub, Three Men (Actually 62 Greyhounds) in a Tub!

Yes, I said 62 Grey-hounds, actually 62 beautiful Grey-hounds. My BFF Kim came up with the idea to get a few volunteers together and carpool over to Birmingham Race Course to wash all the Greyhounds in the Southern New England kennel, belonging to Alan Olsen.

Kim scouted and emailed several folks who had adopted Greyhounds that had come to SEGA from this kennel. Most were very willing to commit to the project. In the end, we had 10 volunteers who made the trek over to Birmingham this past Saturday afternoon.

We all met at the Park and Ride off I-20 in Villa Rica. Once the intro-ductions were done, we determined who would ride with whom. After all was said and done, there were three vehicles making the trip over. We arrived in record time (about an hour later) only to find that Alan nor his wife, Linda, were at the kennel. Yikes! We stood there chatting and waiting and soon enough Alan and Linda pulled up in the hauler filled with dogs who had just run in the matinee. After they had pulled all the dogs off the hauler, cleansed their eyes, squirted their feet with Betadine, handed them their "treat" and put them back in their crates in the kennel, we then started organizing the dog wash, preparing the flea shampoo, getting hoses in the right spots, etc.

Then the work commenced! Alan would let 10 or so dogs at a time into the "wash area". Once they were washed, they came to the "rinse area" where they had to sit 10 minutes or more with the flea shampoo on them. After that time, they were rinsed with cool, fresh water. Then it was on to the "drying area" where they were allowed to air dry in the afternoon sun.

The dogs kept coming and coming and everyone continued with the flow of things - washing, waiting, rinsing, drying, moving dogs from one turnout pen to another to get to the right "wash station".

Several times during the afternoon we asked Alan if he had been grabbing dogs from the kennel across the street because it seemed we must have washed 80 or so dogs by then. Each time, he'd tell us "only 15 more".

We took advantage of the cold sodas and cold water Alan had on hand for us to drink as it was pretty hot that afternoon and we were doing this in the afternoon sun, as you can see.

We finally neared the end (for sure this time), and then it was more of a waiting game waiting for them all to dry. They dried pretty quickly and everyone was returned to their respective crates.

Whoo hoo! We were ten very tired and dirty, flea soap smelling folks. A few of us had decided prior to this that we would stay at the track that evening and grab some dinner and watch a few of the night races so we came prepared with a change of clothes. Alan secured us a complimentary sky box which was really nice. We each changed clothes in the kennel bathroom and everyone scrubbed down with Baby Wipes! Nothing like a Baby Wipe bath after an afternoon of washing 62 Greyhounds! Oh, the picture below is that of one of the volunteers, Scott, who obviously bent over one too many times! Hilarious and thank goodness he had underwear on!

What fun we had though! I think Kim mentioned wanting to do this again in the fall while it's still warm outside. I believe all the volunteers expressed an interest in doing it again and all were very happy they had volunteered. What a great feeling knowing we helped 62 Greyhounds in a 3-4 hour period.

I spoke with Alan on Sunday and he said to me, "Those dogs look like show dogs". Now, that's a nice feeling, for sure. They probably feel like it too! Pin It

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greytblackdog said...

I really have never been more disappointed to miss something in my entire life! Really - you guys had so much fun and helped so many dogs. How many people fell in love with one and have first dibs?

Let's plan it in September before it gets so crazy in October!