Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Chance Meeting

Last night I attended my first area job networking meeting. I believe the time was well spent. I obtained quite a few contacts with contacts in the Atlanta area who may or may not be searching for someone with my qualifications. The guest speaker was Jim Stroud who is an IT recruiter at Google. Topic was "Blogging Your Way Into Your Next Job". Pretty interesting since that is what I am hoping will happen! I actually ran into an ex co-worker whom I worked with at Security First Network Bank. It was so good to see her. Seems though, that her position was eliminated so she is also looking for a position. I hope she is successful!

Unfortunately the dogs were crated the whole day and night, so when I got home they were so happy to see me! They are wonderful animals. So flexible, it seems and so willing to please, like most dogs! It's a complete turnaround from the cats and their behavior!

Tonight I have kennel duty which means I meet another volunteer at the kennel to let the greyhounds waiting to be adopted out for their last potty break for the night. This is something I do two nights out of the month, along with my Meet and Greet location, my pet therapy group, being membership coordinator and pet therapy coordinator. But I love it. Anything for the dogs. They deserve it! Pin It

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