Thursday, May 22, 2008

Take Me Out to the BallGame, Take Me Out With The Crowds . . .

Well, I didn't buy any peanuts or Cracker Jacks (darn it), but on Sunday, Lucy and I attended our very first Bark in the Park event at Turner Field as the Braves took on the Oakland A's. Funny, I had to look at the calendar just now to see who the heck we did play! I did watch some of the ballgame but the most fun was watching the other dogs and their people.

Proceeds from "Bark in the Park" will benefit the Bobby Cox "Paws Because . . . They are Worth Saving," helping to rescue animals in danger of being euthanized. So the price of the ticket for Lucy and myself (all of $23) was well worth it, especially knowing it would benefit such a great cause.

What a time we had indeed! There were small dogs, medium dogs, big dogs, all decked in their Braves attire and all seemingly enjoying being with their humans and being at the ballpark. I even think my Lucy enjoyed the afternoon. She laid down beside me on her Canine Hardware travel bed and surveyed the crowd, the sights, and sounds. She was taking it all in, believe me, like a kid in a candy shop! I'm sure she had some great stories to tell Remi and Sugar when we arrived back home. Unfortunately, each human is limited to one dog so I had to make a choice and I thought Lucy would better endure the stairs, the new surroundings, and the noise. And she did a fabulous job! In fact, she tried very hard to fit into the stereotypical Braves fan profile by trying to eat everyone's hamburger, hot dog, peanuts, dropped French fries, etc., even going so far as to lick mustard off the floor. She is definitely a moocher and a scavenger.

I did get her a Lick A Lot treat (it's like doggy ice cream - frozen yogurt, peanut butter, and honey). Of course that was gone in minutes providing her ample time to scout the area for something else to consume. Well, I had a Bud Light and decided I would give her a bit. Yep, you guessed it, she loved it. I gave her a bit more and then I had to cut her off. Nothing worse than a drunk Greyhound trying to navigate the steep stairs trying to get out of there (I had visions - very bad visions). She definitely took to the beer like a duck to water. It didn't surprise me much as most Greyhounds have had some beer at some time in their life and usually it was during their days at the track. You see, their trainers will sometimes make them drink beer after they've run a race to get them to pee so they don't get "tied up" (whatever the heck that means). That's all I know and is what I've been told along the way. I just know that being "tied up" is very serious and can kill a Greyhound so they readily have beer on hand for just this purpose. This is usually something that happens with the male dogs so I'm not sure Lucy had ever had beer but she sure did like it. Kim's dogs will actually knock over a beer bottle if it's sitting on the coffee table. This is so they can drink it, of course. Bad dogs! I've told her they need to go to a canine AA meeting.

Anyhoo, we had such a grand time at the ballpark, that's for sure. Lucy slept most of the way home - she was beat. As I always say, a tired dog is a happy dog (and a happy dog Mom)!

Photos from the event can be found on (click Living, click Pets, scroll down to Photo Galleries). As well, I should have some here in the next few days
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Maria said...

What a great post! Sounds like a good time was had by all. Thanks once more for a cool link to the dog beds. I ordered 2! I was just thinking I wish I had something like that, especially for Silhouette's nka June's skinny butt.

greytblackdog said...

I love that you gave Lucy beer! That's awesome. I had no idea they gave them beer at the track.