Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Funniest Question I've Ever Been Asked

This morning on the train, I was approached by a guy - actually another panhandler. He started chatting with me whilst I had my Zune blasting tunes through my ear plugs! I couldn't hear a word he was saying. It always amazes me that folks can't see black wires dangling from one's ears and more than likely they know the person is listening to music, yet they will talk and talk. But I digress.

I yanked the ear plugs out of my ears because the guy seemed a little persistent. BTW, this is about 6:20 a.m. He immediately said, "First, let me say good morning." By the look on my face, I'm sure he realized I was not amused nor did I think it such a "good morning", especially after he interrupted a perfectly wonderful Pink Floyd tune I was listening to. He then said, "Would you like to help me get on the bus legally?" If I hadn't been so PO'd, I probably would have laughed in his face! I immediately replied, "No". He then stood up and walked down the train car to harass someone else. When he stood up, I noticed his pants were down around his knees. I would have gladly given him $25 to go buy new pants that fit, if I thought that is what he would have done with the money!

Get on the bus legally - for Pete's sake, it seems he gets on the bus and train just fine legally or not. These folks will try just about anything I guess! He really should come up with a better line!! And a better approach!! Pin It

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Life With Dogs said...

At least he didn't ask you to pull the brake handle ;)