Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Progress is Made

Lucy and I just started our READing Paws program at the New Georgia Library this past fall.  The exact month escapes me but rest assured, we haven't been there that long.  The entire month of December we took off because of schedule conflicts, either the library's schedule or our's. 

So, our first day back was this past Saturday, January 7th.  Out of three children who had signed up to read to Lucy, only one showed up.  It was Cooper, our favorite little reader.  Cooper was scheduled for 3:15 p.m. and no one had the 3 p.m. slot so I suggested he start early and he could read for the entire 30-minute period.  (The sessions are in 15-minute increments.)  He agreed and found a book and came over to where Lucy and I were set up in the children's area of the library.  This is a picture of Cooper reading to Suzy and her handler, Christine Basso.

Nonetheless, Cooper started reading and I was completely floored by the progress he has made.  Cooper is home schooled and he was taught (appropriately so, I believe) to enunciate each word.  He would do this but didn't seem to understand how to put that all together to form the word and then properly pronounce the word. Before, we would rarely finish a single book per session.

But not anymore.  He just whizzes through the words as if he has known them all his short little life.  I asked him if he had been practicing over the holidays and he said he hadn't.  His mother is very proud of him and asked me if I noticed the difference and I said, "wow, I had and Lucy did, too"!  It is amazing to see that it clicked with him.  I don't know his age but I'm guessing he must be about five.  I asked his Mom had he been practicing and she said no, that he did that all on his own.  She had not even been working with him, in particular!

I'd like to think that Lucy and I had some small part in his amazing progress.  You see, Cooper adores Lucy and talks about her all the time between our reading sessions, so maybe we DID have a little influence in his progress - just maybe!!  Regardless, it is awesome to see.  Cooper left the library with a stack of books to read for the week!  And I left with a big smile on my face! (Lucy, too!)

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Kathy said...
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Kathy said...

That's wonderful Patti!

Julie said...

So great to hear how well Cooper is doing! Patti and Lucy are an awesome support team!

Thanks for sharing your story.