Thursday, April 05, 2007

Down with Six Flags Over Georgia

OMG, Six Flags decided to have this promotion today titled "Ditch Work" where they offered free admission for folks between 6 a.m. and 9 a.m., I think. They failed to remember it is Spring Break here so every teenager in Atlanta was stacked up on I-20 and everywhere in between, trying to get into the park for free. Traffic was at a standstill. The folks trying to get to work suffered. A normal one hour commute for me took three hours. I just emailed Six Flags. I really think they should have thought about that promotion a bit more - perhaps providing traffic control and communication folks. It was mayhem, to say the least. There were reports of kids walking around on the Interstate (in the dark) and getting into fights at the gate. I hope no one was hurt in all the commotion. Honestly, is a free three hour stint at Six Flags really worth all that? I say not. Just pay the money and go in, hassle free, and have a good time - just like everyone else does it! Pin It

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Sasha said...

Did you go to Six Flags Over Georgia that weekend. I bet it was crowded to maximum. We are trying to avoid going this weekend which is the labor day weekend. Instead we will go next weekend. Hopefully there wont be too big of lines.