Wednesday, February 04, 2009

It Continues . . .

to baffle me why adults can't act like adults. Okay, that's all I'm going to say about that.

On a brighter note, we've (Second Chance Greyhounds) launched our first fundraising campaign - a beautiful pencil drawing of a Greyhound. The prints are 11" x 14" and are numbered and signed by the artist, Kimberly Walker Morris, however we do have a limited supply.

I can't think of a better Valentine's gift! Order yours today!
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Debbie (Emma's mom) said...

What a wonderful expression on the hound's face!

The SCG program sounds very exciting; I'd read something about the success of these a few years ago. It's seems like a great way to help even more well as help the people. You've done quite a bit of work on the website. Best of luck with the new venture!

Leslie said...

Beautiful picture of the Greyhound, I wish I could have a Greyhound but, that is not possible. Keep up the good work.

IHateToast said...

a beautiful drawing. i envy those who have that talent.

i think scg is a brilliant idea. i hate that we spend more money to incarcerate but not to prevent. i think programs like this will do more to rehabilitate inmates than laundry duty. they do so run the risk of losing compassion. will be following what you and gbd do.

Patti said...

Yes, we had our first meeting with representatives of Second Chance at Life, our "mothership", on Saturday. They shared a few videos with us that had everyone in tears. It is something how compassionate these big brutes are toward the Greyhounds.

Addie said...

Patti, I love the picture. I wish I had a talent like that. The project you're working on sounds very worthwhile. I hope you'll keep us all posted on how it's going!