Sunday, February 01, 2009

Super Sunday

Well, it's Super Sunday in many ways. Today is Super Bowl Sunday for one. I have a few friends coming over with their Greyhounds. It should be a full house with six humans and nine Greyhounds. Not to worry, we are always outnumbered. We just learn how to deal!

The other reason it's Super Sunday is that today we launched the website of our new Greyhound Adoption group, Second Chance Greyhounds. We are very excited about starting this program from the ground up. It's quite a bit of work but we are determined to make a go of it. We've made great strides in the three weeks we've been working on this and hope to make many more great strides in the future. Check out our website at Pin It


Zan said...

Wow!! What a wonderful idea. I can't wait to watch this new group take off!!

Patti said...

Thanks Zan. We're working really hard to get things going. Watch the site and the site's blog for updates!!

earl said...

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