Monday, January 26, 2009

What a Monday!!

Busy, busy Monday as I'm sure most folks experience. This afternoon I had another appointment with Dr. McGlamry today for a check of the ole foot. Last visit he said at this next one, "we would see about getting you into a shoe".

Of course, they did another X-ray and compared it to the first one taken post-op. Unfortunately, the wire in the little toe has moved, which means the bone has moved. Remember, the wire is holding that darn little toe together.

So, this means another two weeks with the surgical boot. I just stared at him at disbelief. I was so excited about getting out of that damn boot. My first comment was, "You really know how to disappoint a lady, don't you?". His response, "I do it everyday!". I then asked him, "are you sure about this"? And, of course, he said "yes, I am sure" and then he proceeded to explain to me that the bone needs to regrow and it needs to calicify around the wire, yatta, yatta, yatta.

I almost balled in front of him, I was so disappointed. But as he said, "you surely don't want to go through this again anytime soon, now do you?" My response, "No, I'd rather have a root canal".

Then I explained to him that I had planned a Super Bowl/Burn the Boot party for Sunday and the invitations were already mailed. Of course, he laughed and said perhaps I could do that in a few weeks. So, if you received an invite - the party is OFF!!

I will still be "booted" at least until the 9th of February. I hope and pray at that point that he will tell me I can then progress to a shoe. Hope and pray is what I said (let's all do it together now, shall we?).

And to top off the Monday, I come home to gather a recipe rather quickly, let the girls out to potty, and then run to the grocery store. I left the girls uncrated thinking they would be okay for this very short period of time. But alas, I was wrong. I came home to find the cap to one of my camera lenses in the middle of one of the dog beds. I know who the culprit is as it usually is Ms. Sugar who has a fetish for hard plastic (remember her eating my Clinique compact?). This is a known fact. The thing I ponder is how in the hell did she get the thing off the lens? Unfortunately I hadn't locked the cover to the camera case, but merely closed it, thinking "outta sight outta mind". NOT . . . well at least not with these Greyhounds. The lens had dog slobber on it but appeared to be otherwise unscathed. Again, I beg to ask, how in the hell did she get the cap off the lens?

On another note and to top off the day, I formally resigned from SEGA today (Events, Fundraising, cat testing, photos, etc.) to pursue other Greyhound opportunities, of which I'm sure you will hear about soon enough. That's all I'm going to say at this point but suffice it to say, it was the hardest thing I've done since I quit smoking. Mr. Parker is not pleased with me - not in the least bit but I feel certain they will survive and be stronger for it. I am certainly not the only volunteer in the world or the best volunteer and I'm sure they will find someone who will do an outstanding job.

I can hope and pray. Pin It


Glenarrif said...

The SAME thing happened to me at one of my post op xrays. I was pissed and scared it would all have to be redone. Three weeks after that appointment the book was off. It hurts like Hell for me to walk now sans boot but I am hoping each day will bring relief. I have decided that foot surgery is the absolute worst.

All the best in your new endeavor.


Poolie said...

That's a total bummer about the 'Boot'. I know you are soooo wanting it off. And what a great half-time show that would have been.

I know about that 'how much trouble can they get into while I run up the street thing'. I worked from home today and I swear, Drew did not get off the couch for like 6 hours, but I walk to mailbox and back and the knucklehead is sitting in the living room floor with one of my shoes in his mouth.

Zan said...

Here's hoping you'll be boot free in a couple of weeks!!

Debbie (Emma's mom) said...

I know you are disappointed; I'm just relieved that the doc doesn't have to go in again to do any repair. Hang in there...2-3 more weeks and hopefully it will all be history.

greytblackdog said...

You know I told you the boot sucks, but it's only two weeks out of your life. :) Just think about celebrating by buying a new pair of shoes - oh, and a lens cap :) LOL