Friday, January 02, 2009

Frankenfoot Unveiled

I truly am beginning to feel like Frankstein's bride, especially after seeing my foot today for the first time since the surgery. Actually, I can't complain though as I've only had issues with one finger and my feet. And after all these years of living, that ain't too bad, if you ask me!

Anyway, the doctor visit today went well. We took more x-rays and he changed the bandage and gave me a new prescription for the ole Percocet (which is working now, I think it just took a bit to get into my system). I wish I had taken a picture of the x-ray on the computer screen. There is a before and after shot. The after, of course, was cool as it shows the wires he put into the bones. Pretty cool, really.

So, here is my foot after I took off the top wrapping the other day. The bruising of the toes I could actually see through the wrapping. By the way, my toe nails aren't really yellow (ugh, how ugly), that is Betadine. Of course he slathered another layer on today before rewrapping it. I don't think I'll ever get that stuff off!

Here is a picture without the bandages. It really does look good. I'm going to have two very long scars but hopefully they will fad with proper care. Oh, the writing you can barely see in the middle of my foot is the doctor's initials. The nurse wrote "yes" on the foot to be operated on and "no" on the other foot. He then came and initialed the "yes" foot so that we were all clear on which foot was to get the knife. I also made it absolutely clear to him that "yes" meant "YES" and "no" meant "NO"!

Dr. McGlamry is quite pleased with how the healing is progressing. I am, too, however, I did ask when could I get the thing wet. His answer was, "that's a sign you're feeling better, that bathing as you are now doing is an inconvenience." Well, heck yea it is, it's a pain in the ass but I do bathe and wash my hair daily as difficult as it is. Anyway, he said it'd be about two weeks from now. UGH!! I hate that and can't remember the last surgery having such a long recovery time. Oh well, I'll just have to deal, I suppose.

All in all, we are well on our way to a full recovery. I, personally, can't wait to give this walking boot "the boot" and schedule a much needed and well deserved pedicure!!
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Addie said...

Gut reaction: I involuntarily clenched my butt cheeks when I saw that first picture. Maybe that's not actually a gut reaction, but a butt reaction. Either way, it looks painful and you've been a real trooper through all this. I'm glad the "perc" is doing it's work now.


MG Blue Barron said...

You know that feeling we were talking about with Kim's mom's foot? Yeah, I am getting that again. Glad you are doing well... Happy New Year!

Maria Peters said...

Owwie Kazowwie!

Craigslist: Looking for a buff firefighter to put out my foot flames. Duties include sponge baths and dressing tresses. Other duties as assigned.

Debbie R. said...

Wowww...Patti! The foot in the second pic does look pretty good. ...But that first pic makes it look like you saved the big and little toes, but that you might lose the 3 middle ones to gangrene. Or, you may need to apply leeches to bring down the swelling and improve the circulation. (Just kidding, but you are certainly braver than I.)

On a lighter note...glad you're healing well and that the meds are helping! Maria seems to have the best Rx.

Happy New Year!

Zan said...

That second shot of your foot really does look pretty good. I'm glad to hear it's healing well!

Patti said...

Yea, the first picture is pretty gross. That was about three days before the second shot. Every day, it heals more and more. Maria, I love your remedy. Sounds good to me! If only . . .

Anonymous said...

The betadine does come off! I had just had a pedicure right before my sugery. I was so pissed when I first looked at my foot and saw all that yellow! I am glad yours is healing well. Please do not make the mistake I did, and stay OFF of it. My pin is coming out because I didn't!

Anonymous said...
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