Thursday, January 15, 2009


Or I should say, range of motion or better yet, lack thereof. Yes, in my previous post about the last foot doctor visit, I failed to mention that I am to do self physical therapy on my foot. Actually only with my big toe.

Apparently when he went in there he found alot of arthritis which had begun to settle in which may have something to do with all the damaged cartilage he found as well. So, to help get things moving again, I was instructed to do a set of range of motion exercises which include bending the toe up and then backward until tears come to my eyes. That is basically what he said . . . "bend it until it REALLY hurts" and, unfortunately, it doesn't want to bend so it REALLY does hurt! Also, human nature tends to get in the way of this activity because it is common to NOT want to hurt oneself. But I digress.

I am trying to be a good post-op patient and do my exercises most every hour which is especially easy to do here at work because I can sit at my desk and do this and no one is the wiser! :) However, it continues to hurt like hell. I guess the ole saying, "no pain - no gain" is especially true in this case.

Toe exercises - who would have thunk it? Vision that one, if you will! :) Off to do my toe crunches! Pin It

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