Friday, June 05, 2009

Another One Bites The Dust . . .

Well, yesterday after I had come home from work I let the girls out to go potty. Everyone was muzzled, however, foster girl Sami doesn't have a poop guard in her muzzle like the other ones do.

Anyhoo, I looked outside to see if they were done and lo and behold Lucy and Sami were pouncing on something on the ground. I rushed out to see what it was, thinking it must be a squirrel, when Remi then got in on the action.

Once I was closer, I realized it was a bird - poor thing. It was upside down on the grass, wings spread wide and breathing hard. Feathers were everywhere. It was intact which amazed me as they were giving it a pretty good beating with their muzzles.

I ran inside to get the camera (sadistic person that I am) and when I came back, the bird was sitting like this. I thought it must be a miracle - he was going to live! I tried to shoo him away but he continue to sit just like a little bird statue.

I let the girls out again to eat their chicken backs and the bird continued to sit just like he was, under the hedge. They never saw him!! I thought he was going to make it but when I checked on him later, he had, indeed, died.

I am wondering if I have Greyhounds or if they are actually bird dogs? Perhaps I should change their evening meal up a bit and give them a bit more beef and rabbit and lay off the chicken? Perhaps they've acquired a taste for fowl due to all the chicken I've been feeding them? Perhaps the birds are sick which is how they are able to capture them? Who knows?

I also wonder if they should be unmuzzled. At least the kill would be quicker and the critter wouldn't suffer. Suggestions anyone? Pin It


ykngld said...

Looks like a baby wren. They should be fledging a 2nd nest by now.

Twilight said...

WHY DIDNT YOU HELP HIM!!!!!!!! You could of saved his life if you had helped or called animal controll!

Patti said...

Twilight, you weren't here so you didn't get a chance to see the bird. He couldn't have been helped.

Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

Its ok, Patti. I took a picture of a dead dog this weekend. It was a St. Bernard. We thought it may have been hit by a car and died in the tall grass where we found him. I figured if I was the dog's owner I would want proof that it was actually my dog.


P.S. I doubt you could have saved the bird especially with the help of animal control.