Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A Good Deed

This past Sunday about ten of us headed to Birmingham Race Course to do a Spring cleaning of Southern New England kennels, where we get our Greyhounds for Second Chance Greyhounds.

There was about ten years worth of dust in the kennel itself and in the office area. Everything was power washed and wiped down from ceiling to floor. What a difference a little elbow grease made! That kennel was spotless!!

It is hoped that our efforts might pay off more immediately in that the dogs will race better. We will see if that is the case. They sure were happy when we left. Here are a few pictures of them in the turnout pen waiting patiently while we cleaned their home.

A good time was had by all and now Alan has a clean kennel and 64 happy pups who we hope will run better. In June we go back to wash them all!! Now, that is way fun! And, yes, the dogs enjoy it, too! Pin It

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