Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Disciplinarian

Her name is Sugar and yes, she is the disciplinarian in my home. I currently have two foster Greyhounds who are prone to intermittently countersurfing on occasion. If Sugar is nearby, she will immediately bark at the culprit. She won't budge from where she sits or lays but she will emit a very loud bark. No growling, just a bark. It's quite funny because it does work and the culprit will immediately back down from the counter and I must say it's happening less and less frequently. Funny thing is, Sugar was never a countersurfer herself.

Fostering is such hard work, isn't it? Pin It


Zan said...

Can you package Sugar and sell that helpful behavior???

Anonymous said...

I need some Sugar! Ours were good with a visiting Shitzu. (Is that how it's spelled?)
Anyway, I so admire fosters!