Monday, April 07, 2014

The Confectioner

Since the first time I visited Disney World as a kid and stood and watched the ladies and men inside the Main Street Confectioner making homemade candies, I've been enthralled with the entire process.  I love watching others make awesome candies in candy shops throughout the county and have seen the long lost art being reproduced in places such as Helen and Savannah and I'm sure other places that escape my memory at the moment.  It always attracts me and I could stand and watch for hours!

So, one day I was watching the Food Network and a chef came on making these delightful chocolate caramels in a matter of seconds.  That's the beauty of candy making - it usually is pretty quick. Of course, I just had to make them.  I had intended to make them on National Caramel Day (April 5) but didn't get an opportunity.  So, today was the day! 

What fun to whip these up and, yes, I'll be presenting to a dear friend as a gift.  I had to taste test one and they are most delightful!  He will love them!

I definitely will be making these again.  What a great gift idea - I mean, who doesn't love chocolate?

 Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels   

Yields: 20

3/4 cup Sugar
3/4 cup Heavy cream
1/2 cup Corn syrup
4 ounce Milk chocolate



Bring to boil the sugar, heavy cream, and corn syrup until thick and light caramel color. Add 4 ounces milk chocolate, stirring until mixed through. Add a sprinkle of sea salt. Pour into parchment paper lined loaf pan. Spread evenly. Top with cocoa nips and sea salt. Let set for one hour, cut into squares.
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