Monday, December 17, 2007


Another start to the work week and this one will be longer than most because I must work 50 hours to make up for being off next Monday and Tuesday for the holiday. Next week, I'll work 30 hours. So, that would make it 80 hours for the two weeks. Whew! Being an IT contractor is nice but the downside is NO HOLIDAYS and NO VACATION or SICK days! This time of year is the toughest, it seems.

And I made it through the birthday! It was pretty low key this year. Dinner at Kim and Guy's home was nice and relaxing. My navigational system got me lost on the way over. I know how to get there but thought I'd go "her way" this time. Big mistake! She had me going down two pig trails (in my SUV with three greyhounds in the back nonetheless). I thought she knew how to get me there but she didn't. I managed to find my way there without her help. Guy made his trademark barbeque ribs for dinner. Yum, yum. He'll make them again for Christmas day. I could eat ribs every day of the week, I think. We had corn on the cob, salad, and butter muffins. Dessert was praline cheesecake. I should have jogged home after all that but I didn't! :)

On Sunday Kim, Guy and I met at the kennel to cat test the 11 new greyhounds who came in on Saturday and also do their photo session. With Guy's help we finished in record time and were able to then enjoy our afternoons. I went home and built a huge fire in the fireplace, put in a movie and worked on the laptop in front of the fire all afternoon. The three girls were passed out on couches, dog beds, and the floor and the cat even took her afternoon siesta on one of the dog beds. She was a bit tired herself from the morning spent testing the newbies. It was nice to just hang out with them for the afternoon.

But on to getting through Monday! And on to the next holiday, I say!! Pin It

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