Friday, December 14, 2007


Thank goodness it's Friday! What a week. A big news week for Atlanta with the Vick sentencing, resignation of the Falcon's head coach, and then the revelation of steroid use by some ex-Braves players - none of which is a surprise, really.

Personally, I finally made it to the Dr. to get my flu and pneumonia shot so have been pretty sore from those until today. The day after the shots were given, my left eye turned really red on the inside sclera. There is a bump on the sclera as well. I went to the ophthalmologist this morning and it's just an infection, probably caused by my contacts. So . . . it's a week in glasses and plenty of prescribed eye drops(a steroid and antibiotic combo). He is a bit concerned about the bump on the sclera - more so than the redness. All I know is that it hurts and keeping it closed is the only relief I get but we all know we can't sleep 24 x 7. So, I'll just have to muddle through life the next 7 days in these hideous glasses. Actually they aren't that bad as the frames are relatively current. I just don't see as well with them and feel as if I'm groping my way around. Imagine how the driving is! :)

I found a new drink recipe this week that I want to try. It's called an Old Cuban and is pretty much like a Mojito except that it's suppose to be so much better. I must get some bitters and champagne so I can mix up a batch. In my research for this drink, I found a fabulous club in New York called the Pegu Club. It sounds intriguing with it's emphasis on mixing the best cocktail with the freshest ingredients known to man. On my next visit to the big city, I definitely plan to check it out. It's in the Soho District I believe.

Tomorrow is another birthday for me. Whoo hoo! I have plans to have dinner with my BFF and her husband and a friend and then it's just some R&R for the weekend. It's suppose to finally turn cold so perhaps I'll just hang in the living room with a fire in the fireplace all weekend and watch a few movies. I'm buying Bad Santa today so that should be fun to watch.

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