Tuesday, January 15, 2008

I'm Curious

Well that title is pretty loaded, isn't it? I'm curious about alot of things (thank goodness), but on my way home yesterday from work I was driving along approaching a 2-way stop sign. I stopped, looked to my right (as I was taught in driver's ed class back in high school) and was about to look to my left when something caught my eye. It was a big beautiful doe running full stride across the road on my right. I wondered how it could move so fast across the pavement since their hoofs aren't particularly made for such a surface. I imagine they perform much better on the surface of the forest. Nonetheless, she was running pretty fast and, of course, she did not look both ways before crossing! :) I did, however, and after marveling at her and her majestic self, I proceeded across the road to continue my journey home. I was very cautious as I was afraid she'd come barreling out of the woods toward me! Been there, done that and it ain't fun!

I'm curious though, do you suppose a deer could out run a Greyhound? I'm going to say no. We all know that the Greyhound is the second fastest land animal having been clocked at speeds up to 45 mph. Second only to the Cheetah who has been clocked at speeds up to 46 mph. That would be a good, competitive race, don't you think? I think the Cheetah would win if it were a long distance race because the Greyhound is a sprinter, however, if a short distance it would definitely be a close race.

BTW, it looks like the ole deer can only run 35 mph. Not even a challenge for the Greyhound! Actually I know some Greyhounds who took down a deer not so long ago. It wasn't a pretty sight and it shows they are no doubt slower than the Greyhound. Pin It

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