Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Frankstein's Bride?

Well, for those who didn't know, I had minor outpatient surgery on my finger last Friday, under general anesthesia nonetheless. It was to remove a cyst from my left ring finger. It is a recurring problem as this is the third time I've had this surgery to remove cysts (one doctor even termed it a "forming thrombus") and then there was one additional procedure in the office to remove a piece of gauze the second surgeon accidentally left in my finger during that surgery. Errgh!! So, four times the poor finger has been cut on. The last is probably the most prominent incision, thus far. I can only imagine how the scar will look but at least the cyst is gone for now and won't cause me anymore pain when I use that hand to grab or lift anything.

The photo above is with the bandages put on post-op. The last thing the nurse said to me was "this will make you sleepy" and the next thing was "how are you feeling?". It was quite strange - I don't recall the last procedure (10 years ago) going quite so smoothly. For one, I could hear the surgeon explaining to a colleague that the tendon in my finger looked like the tendon in a chicken wing. I kid you not. I think the anesthesia then was the "twilight state". Obviously, not the most desirable if the doctor and staff are going to be comparing your tendons to those of a chicken! I much prefer general anesthesia to spare me from the operating room banter!

The picture above is after I removed the bandages. It's Day 5 and they said I could take them off today. I couldn't wait to get home from work to do it! My finger was feeling quite claustrophobic, to say the least. It has now been set free - free at last! The incision is about an inch and a half long and has seven stitches that I can see. Those come out on Tuesday. Yeppie!! And the finger is a bit swollen still and is VERY sore, especially underneath it. It's still a bit numb underneath up toward the tip. I anticipate that will go away with time!

Obviously I can type which is good. I think I would go bonkers if I couldn't do email or any computer work during this healing period. I don't think there will be any rehab or anything like that. I can move the finger just fine and I imagine once it is healed completely, I'll be able to start working on bending it!

In the interim, I hope Frankenstein doesn't want to take me as his bride! (I guess it could be alot worse and I should be thankful I still have my finger, huh?)
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Maria said...

It's a BEAUTY!

Right before Martin proposed to me, I burned my ring finger pretty good while taking something out of the oven. (I hate it when wine affects your hand-eye coordination) sister in law (to be) was kind enough to let the cat out of the bag by saying "something will be covering that up real soon" never know!

Patti said...

Yea, I can only dream Maria. Unfortunately, the scar wouldn't be covered by a ring - perhaps a glove, but not a ring! (hey, I could start a new trend, wearing a white glove on one hand only . . . but wait, someone has already done that!)