Thursday, December 11, 2008

Another Raw Food Incident

Well, I'm learning folks is all I can say. This is still so new or so it seems!

Yesterday it was raining "cats and dogs" so I decided to try the canned mackeral out on the girls so they could eat inside from their food bowls. I'd had the three cans in the cupboard since Day 1 of the raw diet and was itching to let them try it. So, I said, "why not?" I had heard from Addie that her boys just loved theirs so I imagined my girls would as well - hey, what did I have to loose? They haven't refused anything, thus far (well, except for the raw egg/Sugar incident) and I've fed them some really gross stuff (turkey butts come to mind). Canned mackeral fits right in with that description so I decided to go for it. I opened the first can and almost gagged. UGH!! I can't believe how disgusting it smelled and looked and probably tasted but you know how dogs are, the nastier it is, the better it is!

I poured the first can in Sugar's bowl and sat it back down for her to eat it. She went right to it like a martin to a gourd, as my mother might say. She ate the mackeral first and then licked up the juices. Lucy was next. She also went right to it, eating the mackeral and then the juices. Remi, on the other hand, licked up the juices first and then ate the mackeral. Go figure.

They all enjoyed the stuff much to my dismay. That means I'll probably have to give it to them again at some point in the future. UGH, again!!

After dinner was over I washed their food bowls and cleaned the floor (trying to get rid of that stinky fish smell). It was then time to get ready for pet therapy. Yes, we had pet therapy last night at the nursing home. I gave all the girls peppermint candies and each received a Greenie, even Sugar, who came with me.

On the way to the nursing home, she emitted the most awfullest gas that has ever come out of her body and she can be quite gassy at times (the only one out of three who often gets this way, so I can't complain). We drove the entire trip to the nursing home with the back window half-way down so I could breathe and not pass out while driving. She, on the other hand, seemed quite content to lay in the back enjoying her Greenie. Of course she had no idea she was about to kill me.

We finally arrived at the nursing home where I practically burst out of the SUV - ahh, fresh air, fresh air. It was delightful! It was sprinkling a bit, but I didn't care. The air was awesome. I unloaded Sugar and took her to the grassy area to potty. She pee'd but no potty. I thought she might need to go after all that but she didn't.

So, we went inside. I warned Kim (and Lindsey), who met us there, to beware of what might come out of Sugar's behind. It was lethal, I tell you. Fortunately, during the entire visit, she never did have any gas. However, she was still quite lethal . . . it was her breath. She had fish breath! Mackeral breath to be exact! I tried to fix it with the peppermint candies and then the Greenie but neither worked. It was awful. You could smell her a mile away. The patients were quite nice though, never mentioning it until we were visiting with two ladies who we see every month. They petted Lindsey and then Sugar. Lindsey tried to give them kisses at which time I warned them not to ask for any from "fish breath" Sugar. They both laughed and one lady said, "Oh my, I thought that was me!" Funny . . . I assured her it was Mackeral Sugar and it wasn't her. We all laughed, and yes, at Sugar's expense. Again, she was oblivious!

Thank God our visit was rather short and we were soon on our way home. Another bit of gas in the car but then no more throughout the night. This morning, I couldn't really smell fish on anyone.

(Another) lesson learned - never, never feed mackeral the night of pet therapy.
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greytblackdog said...

ah yes, the fish breath - oh and the fish smell. it's pretty gross. but the girls love it. they get a serving a week since it is so good for them. getting the smell out of the house is easy (odorban spray). i've not figured out the fish breath - chewing on basil maybe?

Leslie said...

Ah, yes I smelled the mackeral when I was at Addie's for Thanksgiving. Bruno and Hoover really do like that stuff. If you can get past the smell they make pretty good Mackeral patties, you know like Salmon patties.uhg !

Maria Peters said...

Too funny.

So I'm curious....what difference have you seen since feeding raw??

Zan said... breath.. I know it well. The best part about it is eventually the "perfume" dissipates.

Poolie said...

We give our kids fish oil gelcaps with their dinner. Drew swallow's his whole... no surprise there. Handy just loves to chomp down on hers which makes for some really fragrant breath and Garth doesn't seem to like the texture of the capsule so we've been pinching one end and pouring it over his food. Twice I have managed to squirt the darn thing all over my shirt and the oil seems to soak through to the skin rather quickly so the rest of the evening I would be very popular with the cats.

Addie said...

Patti, I probably should have warned you about the is quite distinctive, isn't it? I hadn't really noticed the fish breath too much because my guys aren't kissers. It's a blessing and a curse!


KF-in-Georgia said...

I know you don't want to use alcohol-based mouthwashes on dogs, but I've been known to soak a cotton ball in Listerine, squeeze out the excess liquid, then wipe the cotton ball around the inside of the Jacey's mouth. Jacey gives me a dirty look, but she doesn't fight it much, and she's not actually swallowing any alcohol.

Patti said...

Ah, I have some Odorban. I forgot about using that but definitely will next time. The smell is gone for now, thank God. And their horrible breath is better. Well, last night it was bunny breath! I think I might start sprinkling some parsley in their morning dry kibble to see if that helps. Usually a good meal chewing on a bone does the trick and tonight it's turkey necks! Mine all get three fish oil capsules every morning so they are getting their Omega 3 that way so I probably will be feeding the mackerel sparingly! :) Maria, the most noticeable thing is that my girls all seem to have more energy and are very happy, not that they weren't before but now it's much more apparent. They love their meals. It’s easier to maintain weight, I think. They just don’t have an ounce on them, even Remi who can get pudgy. I am still feeding kibble in the morning and probably will continue doing that. It’s working for us. Kathy, I actually did do that with Lucy after she ate the squirrel head! :) Mackeral patties, ugh!! I don't know how they eat the stuff but they do love it!

Patti said...

Oh, Maria, another improvement is their skin. It's no longer flaky and that's saying something even in this cold weather. Sugar had some of this and Remi, just a little, but neither have it anymore.