Monday, December 01, 2008

A Future Vegetarian?

Last night I fed the girls their usual chicken thighs. They woofed them down as they have every night since starting this RAW diet. I also had three small chicken legs in the microwave defrosting. Before I could even get those ready, I stepped outside to find Lucy had found her own munchie while awaiting her chicken leg.

Seems I hadn't dug up all the sweet potatoes in the garden and the little villain found one and dug up her own side item to add to her dinner. She didn't even offer to share with Remi or Sugar (figures).


As you can see from the video (be sure to turn up your volume), she is certainly enjoying her "find". I can't blame her as I love sweet potatoes myself . . . but raw? You don't suppose it will hurt her tummy, do you (pray it doesn't come back up)? Do you suppose she is trying to tell me something though? Perhaps she isn't getting enough food on this RAW diet? Or perhaps she'd prefer to be a vegetarian? Or perhaps she just wanted some sweet potatoes to go with her turkey tail I gave her Thanksgiving night?

I honestly think she is taking this RAW diet a bit too far!! Who knew she'd be such a convert?

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Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

I've put raw sweet potato in my mixes before.


Zan said...

Love the crunching and munching!! She clearly likes sweet potatoes.

We missed you guys this week-end, but don't blame you. Nick slid around and tumbled - scared me to death.

KF-in-Georgia said...

Patti, check out this old Live Journal post:

Patti said...

So far, so good. Lucy has a tummy of iron, I think. Zan, I think I'll just see everyone at the year end trials. Doesn't sound like GANG will have much of a crowd this weekend. Kathy, that post is hilarious and is pretty much what I was thinking the whole time Lucy was crunching away.

MG Blue Barron said...

I honestly think this is the first time I have seen Lucy 'chew' food. She usually just inhales everything...

Addie said...

I think I enjoyed the video as much as Lucy enjoyed her find...the crunching was great!

I sometimes give the boys whole apples as a treat and they really love it, but the crunch of an apple isn't quite the same as that of a sweet potato!