Monday, December 08, 2008

More on Raw . . .

Just a quick note – Saturday I thought I’d try giving the girls raw eggs to supplement their raw diet. They are suppose to get these at least once a week, I think, and I had forgotten to give them any this entire time. I cracked one in each of their bowls, leaving the shell as well because this is also very good for them. Remi enthusiastically ate hers as did Lucy, crunching the shell as they devoured the egg itself. I didn’t doubt these two would enjoy their egg treat.

Sugar, on the other hand, is the princess of the bunch. She looked at it, looked up at me as if to say, “What the heck is this and do you really expect me to eat it?”. She then lapped a bit up, looked at me again, drank some water, picked up the shell and dropped it on the floor, lapped a bit again, looked at me again, drank some more water and then she walked away.

Remi and Lucy tag teamed it and finished all that Sugar had left, which was about 90 percent of what was there originally! She sure didn’t take to it but I’m hoping she will the next time. As Scarlett would say, there’s always tomorrow! Pin It

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Zan said...

Patti- You're ahead of me. I've never been able to get any of my dogs to eat the shell. They love the white and yolk, but leave the shell every time.