Monday, August 04, 2008

Friday's Train Entertainment

Friday on the commute home on the train, my car was entertained by a very, very feminine guy who, yes, was gay. The talk about the train was how his eyebrows, which were waxed and perfectly shaped, looked better than any of the females on the train (and they did). He was quite proud of them, you could tell. His pink eyeshadow seemed to emphasize the brow bone even more than usual. As he stood up to disembark at the Midtown station (how appropriate, huh?), he turned to the crowd and waved the typical "parade" wave, smiling the whole time. What a hoot! He played the crowd, that's for sure.

And then, to top that off, we were waiting on our bus at the Five Points Station and a black girl walked by with a t-shirt on that read on the front, "Yes, I know I'm a Bitch" and on the back "Just Not Your Bitch". Another classic sighting! Pin It

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