Friday, August 15, 2008

UWO - Unidentified White Object

Okay, I went to work today and left the three girls in their crates, happy and content. I tossed them each a peanut butter cookie, a Zuke's treat, and a marshmallow. May sound like alot but they are all small treats.

I returned home, let the girls out to potty and then proceeded with the usual routine of filling their water bowls and feeding them their dinner. I was putting Lucy's water bowl down when I caught a glimpse of Sugar's side. Here is what I saw! Imagine my surprise! I looked again and still saw this strange white lump protruding from Sugar's side. I knelt down to get a closer look and then it hit me and I started laughing almost hysterically! Yes, it appears that dear Sugar had laid on her marshmallow this morning and it stuck to her . . . ALL day! I can't imagine why she didn't pull it off and eat it. I imagine Lucy was eyeballing it all day just dying to get to it to munch on it - she loves her marshmallows! Anyway, it was definitely a first so I had to take photos and blog about it. Obviously these dogs keep me in stitches!

Postscript - I now cannot get Sugar to eat a marshmallow to save my life. I think she thinks it might attack her again!
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MG Blue Barron said...

She was leaving it there as a midnight snack! That is great!

KF-in-Georgia said...

Could she reach it? It's such an awkward location. Can't get it with a front or back foot, and hard to twist the head around enough to reach there. The only sure way to get it off would be to let her sister do it, and I imagine that was out of the question.

Maria Peters said...

That is hilarious...and the look on her face is like "What?"

greytblackdog said...

Well, did you take it off of her and feed it to her? I mean it was rightfully hers!

I think if that had happened in my house it would have caused a dog riot. Seka or Roxy would have totally eaten it off the other one - which would have caused some drama.