Sunday, August 24, 2008

Various Varieties of Shrooms

Throughout the rainy weeks we've had lately in Georgia, I've noticed quite a variety of mushrooms proliferating throughout my yard. I honestly don't know if any might be poisonous or not or hallucinogenic or not. I always worry that the dogs might eat one and come into the house either "sick as a dog" or tripping, either of which would not be a good thing. Can you imagine Lucy in the latter state?

But thank goodness, neither has happened as of yet. The only thing they might eat in the backyard, if allowed to go out unmuzzled, might be a pear from the neighbor's pear tree (and I haven't yet figured out how the pears get over a 6 foot fence into my backyard) or their own poop which is really disgusting. I always try to muzzle them because of the latter.

Here are some pictures of some shrooms found in the yard lately. They are quite photogenic and I hope I've done them justice. I am most curious as to what might cause the variety.

Update: check out the site about poisonous mushrooms and your dogs.

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Maria Peters said...

Love the pics.