Sunday, August 03, 2008

Progress in the Garden

The garden is flourishing as you can see. The corn sustained some damage in a recent storm but I think it'll survive. I staked some of the stalks up this morning so am hopeful the corn on those stalks will mature. I'm having some squash tonight with my grilled Talapia. Umm, umm. You can't beat that! The sweet potatoes are coming along and I should have some zucchini soon. The bell peppers are coming in and the Serrano peppers, too. I think I'll have enough Jalapeno peppers this week to make some stuffed Jalapeno's for my work mates. The green beans and cucumbers are never ending. I can't eat enough cucumbers and green beans to keep those from falling off the vines.

And speaking of vines, isn't that a most delightful watermelon you see there? There are two more on the vines and many more blossoms. I expect to have quite a few to eat shortly. They look scrumptious and I can't wait to split one open!
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