Monday, September 22, 2008

The Adventures of Neuton, the Half Breed

Well, my cubemate Barbie has spent most of the summer trying to teach Neuton to swim. He does fine with his life jacket on (see picture above), but much prefers to lounge on the float with his Daddy (see picture below).

Barbie is convinced he just doesn't like getting wet. Prissy dog, huh? At least she is somewhat confident, if he were to fall into the pool, he would be able to swim to the steps and get out himself. That's always good to know.

On another subject, Neuton's DNA test results came back. It was basically inconclusive because the company doesn't have the Whippet breed in their database. I can't imagine why they wouldn't but they didn't. Unfortunately, even Jack Russell isn't in their database. Anyway, the results show he does have some Parson's Jack Russell in him along with some Italian Greyhound, Pug, Chihuahua, and Irish Setter. So, it is felt that an accurate reading of his DNA wasn't possible because of the absence of the other two breeds. It doesn't really matter because Barbie and Russ love that little devil no matter what half-breed he is! As you can see from the pictures, he is spoiled rotten. Barbie has begun making his toys because it's so hard to find any that aren't made in China! So, she makes them in John's Creek. He loves them and tears them up, just the same. I'm sure he knows he has an endless supply.

Below is Neuton with his Doggles on. He didn't like them much so Barbie took them back. Too funny. I've got to get my girls a pair to get their picture taken for the 2009 Calendar! I'm scared to put a pair on Lucy for fear she'll eat them! We'll see.

Back to Neuton, I wonder what activities Barbie has planned for Neuton for the Fall? Pumpkin carving? Tree trimming? Who knows - what I do know is that Neuton has never had life so good! What a lucky boy indeed!

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Denise- LessIsMore17 said...

Neuton is too cute! I am still hoping that Jen will give me a DNA kit for Limo for my B-day next month:-) even though we know she is a little of EVERYTHING!

Addie said...

Oh, Neuton is a dashing little guy, isn't he? He's really adorable, and lucky to have such nice parents. I love the picture of him on the float, and it made me wonder if his Dad wound up with a Neuton-shaped tan line!