Thursday, September 11, 2008

My Dear Sugar

My dear Sugar is ill. She first had a UTI which we've cleared up and now her liver values are in the thousands. Well, not all but the critical liver values are. She is on some meds and appears to be doing better. She feels better (yes, I asked her this morning) and is eating better. We go back to the doctor Saturday morning for a blood test to see if her values have dropped any. She has been jaundiced but that is slowing easing up as well. I see more pink to her skin, gums, and ears. I've never seen anyone or any dog with jaundice and let me tell you, the skin is most certainly yellow. If you think your dog is ever in this state, check the gums and the ears as well.

Anyway, I just emailed my sister about Sugar and her story. I thought it worth repeating here.

Her story is extraordinary - first being plucked from the side of I-75 scrounging garbage for food, then being fostered by someone with the Henry County Humane Society, then getting attacked by said foster's black lab (which has had a profound affect on Sugar and her hatred for black dogs), then getting picked up by me for fostering, then getting adopted out to a farm family with 5 children (step ladder in ages) and the Mom was pregnant again, then not liking the children because they chased her, then getting into the Emu massacre at said farm, then being returned to SEGA because of dislike of children and said Emu massacre, then being fostered again by me, then being adopted by me, then becoming the #4 Greyhound in lure coursing in 2005 winning numerous trophies and ribbons (we are very proud of her), then getting her own wine label (proud again), then finally to retirement only to get sick! Quiet a story, huh? She is such a sweet one, too. She'll come out of this, I know it!

But if her values haven't improved on Saturday, the next step is an ultrasound and then depending on what that shows, a biopsy, if needed.

I'll keep you posted. Keep Sugar in your thoughts and prayers. She is only 7 and surely has more to do on this earth!
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Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

Thinking positive thoughts for you, Sugar. Very scary considering my experience with elevated liver enzymes. I hope you get better really soon because you still have a more years to go. 7 is too young for a serious problem.


Chris said...

Well, Patti. I think she's in the right place now. And I think she looks quite cute in her little hat. I hope she gets better; keep us updated.

KF-in-Georgia said...

Patti, I'm sorry to hear Sugar is ill. Thinking good thoughts for her...and you.
(& Sam and Jacey)

MG Blue Barron said...

Hey Patti,
As you know, Blue and I are praying for Sugar! Please let me know how Saturday goes...

Debbie (Emma's mom) said...

Hoping and praying for the best outcome Sat. with the blood tests.

Addie said...

Patti, please keep us all posted on how things go on Saturday and how Sugar is feeling. She's such a sweet girl, and we're pulling for her. Hang in there!