Saturday, September 13, 2008

Sugar Update

This morning we were at the Doctor at 8:30 a.m. for our appointment. They took some of Sugar's blood and intended to test it in-house for the most important liver values. Apparently their machine had not been turned on to "warm-up", so we had to wait on that. Then, her values were higher than the machine registered so they had to dilute the serum to get a reading that they assured me would still be accurate. End result after an hour and a half - the Alkaline Phosphatase is now 2,890 U/L and the ALT (SGPT) came down to 1,266 U/L. The original results done at a lab were:

(BUN) Urea Nitrogen - 22 normal
Albumin - 3.1 normal
Bilirubin - 13.1 mg/dL very high
Alkaline Phosphatase - 2,552 U/L very high
ALT (SGPT) - 1,966 U/L very high
Lymphocytes - 19% normal

So, the Alkaline Phosphatase is higher and the ALT (SGPT) is about 800 points lower, which the good Doc said was "great improvement". I also emailed all of this to Dr. Suzanne Stack (had already sent the first lab results but today sent the new results) and she also said she was "happy" with those results and that the ALT (SGPT) is the"only one they really care about" and the fact that it came down is good news. It has only been a week since the first testing and a week of antibiotics and other medicines. So, I am hopeful. We have a two week supply and are to go back at that time for another testing to see how things are then. Her Doctor suggested perhaps we get an ultrasound done at some point. There is no major hurry to do that, since she is improving.

By no means do I think we are out of the woods yet but the fact that she improved over a week's time is encouraging. To put this into perspective, a normal level of Alkaline Phosphatase would be between 10-150 U/L and the ALT (SGPT) would be between 5-107 U/L. So, you see, she is WAY, WAY over both of those. A normal Bilirubin would be between 0.0-0.4 mg/dL and she is WAY, WAY over that one as well. Most, if not all, of her other blood values are normal.

We will continue the medicines in hopes that she will continue to improve. She appears to feel better every day and is eating as well as can be expected. I have to coax her sometimes but she eats her whole bowl of kibble. She weighed 56 pounds when we first went in for the UTI, then 58 pounds last weekend, and 60 pounds today. I'm happy that she is gaining rather than loosing.

I am encouraged and am hopeful she will pull out of this completely with no ill effects. The Doctor and I discussed what could have caused this to start with and it could be a number of things. He did mention mushrooms in the backyard which is what I was thinking might have caused it. I did see her munching on something a few weeks back as Lucy munched on another pear from the neighbor's tree that "flew" into my backyard. I had assumed Sugar was also munching on the same pear but it could very well have been a mushroom. An ultrasound will show if there are any masses so I do plan to do that in a few weeks.

Again, I am hopeful. Keep praying and "think pink". (yes, she is still jaundiced but not nearly as much and is getting pinker every day) Pin It


KF-in-Georgia said...

Glad to hear she's doing better. Keeping you and her in my thoughts...

greytblackdog said...

Hooray! Pink. Pink. Pink. I'm so glad that Sugar is doing better. That's awesome. Mushrooms - I never thought about that, but I bet it really could have caused serious damage to her liver. Darn fungus.

MG Blue Barron said...

Good to hear things are improving!

Addie said...

I'm thinking pink. Lots of pink. More pink. Oodles of pink! I'm glad to hear she doing better, but I can't waste time on that because I'm busy thinking PINK!