Friday, November 21, 2008

Another Meme

Addie started this meme and Zan tagged me so I guess I have to get creative here and come up with 6 Things I'd Change if Money Were No Object. Actually, this is easy.

1. I'd donate about 5 million or so to SEGA so that they would be able to continue doing the work they do (adopting Greyhounds) and I could finally, formally, and completely, retire from Fundraising.

2. I'd pay off my debts, including the house, which I would then sell.

3. I'd purchase a large house with acreage somewhere outside of Atlanta, complete with a large dog kennel and a barn with horses (fully staffed, of course). I'd also purchase an apartment on Fifth Avenue in New York, a chalet in the mountains near Aspen, and a beach house in Costa Rica. I love New York and I love snow skiing!!

4. I'd give a few million to my Dad, sister, brother, and my BFF and her husband.

5. I'd put some away so I could live on interest alone.

6. I'd start planning and paying for many, many trips abroad. In my opinion, seeing different places is the best way to learn about different cultures, people, and places, and well, is just plain fun!!

I've often pondered what I'd do if I won the lottery so these things were already in my head. I can't get too creative with it because, well, it's just what I would do since I've planned it out already!! Now, to win the lottery . . . which, tonight is about 86 million. That's certainly enough for me to accomplish my six goals!! And all it takes is one lucky winning ticket!

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Zan said...

All great ideas. You're absolutely right to gift SEGA with several million. I hereby officially amend my day dream to do the same!