Wednesday, November 05, 2008

A Revelation and a Sighting

Yesterday my co-worker, who normally does the transit thing with me, drove in so he could go vote. When the workday was over, I headed downstairs to board the van shuttle which would take me to the Brookhaven Marta Station. My co-worker bopped his head into the van asking if I'd like to ride home with him, that he was headed to Sam's Club in Hiram and would be going right by my bus stop where my Honda Pilot would be sitting. I briefly contemplated his offer but politely declined.

Afterward, I thought to myself that I must have been crazy to give up a ride home in a vehicle as opposed to the train, bus, etc. that I was about to endure. But the more I thought about it the more I realized I really do enjoy the commute. I've determined why and it's really pretty simple. It's "ME" time in which no one is asking me for anything, no one is expecting anything from me, the dogs aren't clamoring around me asking for food or potty breaks, the cell phone isn't ringing, and usually, no one is talking to me, well, unless Russell Crowe's look-a-like happens to be on the bus that day and I happen to sit by him (that story is perhaps, for another post someday). Anyway, it may sound pretty selfish but it's the only 2-3 hours out of the day where it's just me, my Zune, and my own thoughts. I truly do enjoy it. You also can't beat those power naps!

Plus, if I had ridden home with Russell yesterday, I would have missed the most awesome sight I've ever seen in downtown Atlanta. It was a beautiful and spectacular Peregrine Falcon, just meandering from light post to light post, staying long enough at each one to fully survey everything and everyone below it. I'm sure he was hunting for dinner or for a snack but honestly, from the look of him, he appears to be pretty well fed.

It was a spectacular sight for sure. Right there at our bus stop on Pryor Street at Underground Atlanta, barely a block from the Capitol. Who would have thunk it?

You never really know what you'll see on the commute . . . never!!
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Addie said...

It sounds like your commute is a great time to relax, and how cool that you saw a falcon!

I haven't seen any around here, but I have a neighbor with a tiny dog she only leash walks because she's afraid he'll get carried off by a falcon or an owl...seriously, I couldn't make this up! She's also afraid of him getting loose and managing to get in my yard somehow. I don't know how he'd get in my yard, but I'm with her that it wouldn't be a happy ending!

Anyway, I've never seen a falcon around here, but I have seen an owl, which is cool.


Maria Peters said...

Patti...this is so wierd...I just saw a Peregrine this morning perched on the neighbor's roof. I usually see red tails...hmmm....I'm going to have to look in my animal totem book. Stay tuned.

Patti said...

OMG Addie, when the girls are outside sunbathing, sometimes a hawk will swoon overhead, flying in circles. I think Sugar's white fur probably stands out quite a bit - I've always been afraid he'd swoop down and take a nibble, even though she's a big dog! They lay completely still so the poor bird probably thinks they are fresh meat!! Thank God that hasn't happened!

That is funny Maria that you saw one yesterday as well. I know there are scores of them living downtown on rooftops but I just hadn't ever seen one. It is cool.

KF-in-Georgia said...

My condo complex has lots of trees and a creek. We get a heron in the creek every now and then; the dogs are impressed when the the bird takes off--quite a wingspan on that guy. And I have neighbors with small dogs (like Yorkies) who have had their dogs "stalked" by the neighborhood owls.

neal said...
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Maria Peters said... here is what my animal totem book says about falcons:

The falcon can teach us to know when to act but to fully commit to our actions for the greatest teaches how movement can be performed with great speed and precision. It will teach you how to use your mental faculties more effectively and more patiently to capture what you most desire.