Monday, October 27, 2008

The Coursing Bug

This past weekend we enjoyed our first lure coursing event of the season - the 3rd ASFA National Greyhound Specialty on Saturday and the Fullerton Cup on Sunday. Both trials were hosted by Southeastern Greyhound Club, of which I am a member and active volunteer.

It rained heavily on Friday so the field was in great shape for running dogs. The weather also cooperated throughout the weekend with cool temperatures in the morning, warming quite nicely in the afternoon. It was perfect - one couldn't have asked for better weather!

Several of my friends stayed in the same hotel and coursed their Greyhounds in Singles on Saturday at the Specialty and then both Greyhounds certified on Sunday. Unfortunately during the run on Sunday, one of them sprained a muscle, or at least that is what we think happened. They did certify, though, so when he heals he will be ready to enter a trial in the Open stake. But for now, it's leash walk only for him while he recovers.

My BFF brought her Greyhounds to the field on Sunday to run a practice run and hopefully get some good photographs from Dan of Shot on Site, our photographer for the event. And yes, Dan did get some wonderful shots of Kim's girls. Kim was definitely pleased.

It is something else to watch your dog run a course but something entirely different seeing their faces, muscles, and positions captured in a photo. There isn't anything like it, I have to say. You can just see from the looks on their faces what a fantastic time they are having. It is, afterall, what they are bred to do and what they "know" - it's genetic, bred into every fiber of their being.

Check the photo out above. This was such an unusual position that Dan captured - I just had to have this shot. Lucy looks as if she is either about ready to stand up, or she is holding her legs together because she has to go potty! Too funny. I'm surprised she didn't trip herself!

This photo to the right shows the intensity they have while chasing the "plastic bunny". I should explain, the plastic bunny is nothing more than three Glad white plastic bags tied to a line which runs on a continuous loop course. It's enough, though, to make most every Greyhound go absolutely bonkers. They put on their "game face" as I call it and honestly don't think about anything else except for attacking that "bunny". They all eagerly await their turn!

I've traveled to quite a few states through the years to lure course and have always enjoyed the countryside, the people, and the coursing. People often wonder why we lure course since there is always a "chance of injury", "the dogs are retired", etc. I've heard it all - believe me.

But you know, it's not for us, it's all for them! I have a gazillion photos, much like these, that say it all better than I ever could!
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Chris said...

It was great to see the several of the hounds run this weekend. Patti, I will get you the vid I have of Lucy. I was amazed at how easy it was to get it off of the tape onto my laptop. I just need to get to everything in order.

Addie said...

Wonderful pictures, Patti! I'm so glad you posted them. These kinds of pictures tell the story about how these dogs love to run better than a million words ever could. I wish I could have been there, but there's always next year.


greytblackdog said...

I think the unusual position of Lucy is her actually planting and turning like Gillette was talking about on Saturday night. I've studied Seka's pics, muscle by muscle myself trying to look for those plants and recoveries. I've let her rest today. We're back at training tomorrow!