Thursday, October 30, 2008

Fingers and Toes Crossed

So far, so good but keep your fingers crossed and while you're at it, cross your toes as well. I'm hoping we're on the road to recovery.

Sugar is eating two meals a day, all raw, mostly beef chunks, chicken backs and thighs, a turkey neck here and there, and some fat balls (not nearly enough of these). She is loving this diet, believe me and who wouldn't?

Her color is good. I don't see any jaundice but if there is any, it's very little. It's hard to see that in the light in the house unless it's really bad. So daylight is the best for that and I haven't been at the house in the daylight since last Friday, if you can believe that!

I've been hiding her Soloxin and the antibiotic in the fat balls so it's important that she eat those because of that and also because she needs to put on a few pounds. The Denamarin pill (the turquoise one) is well hidden in the scoop of vanilla ice cream that she gets every night, which she has been eating in one bite, thank goodness. Unfortunately the ice cream is sugar free and low fat so she isn't getting many calories from that. I'm going Krogering today so I'll be sure to pick up some full-fat ice cream, just for her!

Anybody have any idea of something, besides fat balls and peanut butter, that I could give her to put some weight back on her? She also won't eat kibble, dog or cat. Well, she wouldn't before but as I told someone yesterday, "what was old is new again". Seems her taste buds are waking up, I think, so I'll try the cat kibble again, as Robin suggested.

Thanks everyone for your thoughts and prayers. Sugar thanks you, too. She isn't quite ready to leave this world!! Pin It


Addie said...

I used to mix white rice, ricotta cheese, and raw eggs for Cosmo, and he never turned it down. I think it was 3/4 cup of the rice & ricotta, then I don't remember if I used one or two eggs.

I really do have my fingers and toes crossed, and I'm glad to hear she's doing so much better!


PS - Tell Lucy(fer) that she'd better not act up, or we'll make a naughty hat for her!

Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

Cheese, canned mackeral, whole milk yogurt, and beef are all pretty high calorie items. Cheese gives you a huge variety to choose... creme cheese, cheddar, swiss, etc. She might like goats milk. For the liver, I was steered towards lots of dairy protein. Also, just a tablespoon of olive oil is a bunch of calories.